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Project summary

Project title Adapted physical activity and sports - Youths for Youths
Lead Partner (name/country) Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development
Other partner/s 1.Faculty of Sport and Physical Education;
2.Sports Club "Kaloyan - Ladimex"
Priority Axis Youth
Specific objective 2.2 People-To-People Networking
Project objectives Active inclusion, promoting equal opportunities and active participation, improving employability: Young unemployed people will be trained how to work as APAS instructors supporting young people with disabilities in their social integration. Establishment of APASY network – youths supporting youths.
Project activities
(Please provide brief description of the planned project activities)
1.Project Management. 2.Needs Analysis. Screening. Selection of participants. Establishment of APASY network. 3.Methodology APAS for disabled – swimming; functional training; cardio fitness. 4. Training materials – swimming, functional training & cardio fitness. 5.APAS training of unemployed - swimming; 6.Swimming for disabled. 7.Swimming - children with spinal distortion & flat foot. 8.BG-RS workshop in Nis. 9.Open APAS Days - Nis. 10.Training of unemployed in functional training and cardio
Project results and outputs
(Please describe results/benefits to be achieved by this project)
Needs Analysis; Methodology APAS for people with disabilities – swimming, functional training, cardio fitness; Methodology for spinal distortion and flat foot; Training materials; 30 youths trained/certified; 30 young people with disabilities involved in rehabilitation; 70 studеnts with spinal distortion and flat foot involved in swimming and functional training; 2 Open promotional APAS days (at least 200 guests); Round table APAS in Pernik – 50 participants; 2 BG-RS workshops for exchange of good practices; BG-RS APASY network established; Web site with resources and Face book group functional. Promotional materials for the stakeholders – leaflets, brochures, posters, etc. Trainer s Book.
Target Groups
(Please describe the main target groups that will benefit from project results and outputs)
Main target groups are: Young people from Pernik with disabilities, especially those with motor and visual disorders; From Nis: with cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, paraplegia, motor delay, amputations, impaired nerves brachialis and visually impaired; students from 5 schools in Pernik with spinal distortion and flat foot; Unemployed youths from Pernik and Nis, who will be trained for a new job – instructor in APAS. Final beneficiaries will be all people with disabilities and their families; students; trainers, future instructors in APAS, members of the APASY network, the whole community.